Power of the Pink


Since 2010 Power of the Pink has worked in collaboration with Walmart to bring the fight against breast cancer to small, local communities. Through generous support from our partners, the program has been able to provide breast health education and, more importantly, free mammograms to uninsured or underinsured women.


  • Over $889,000 contributed to local breast health initiatives

  • 9,659 free mammograms provided through program

  • 1,689 mammograms provided exclusively on Walmart store parking lots

  • 180 women were called back for additional screenings

  • 174 breast health and mammography events across 12 states

  • 62 organizations have received funding from program



“As a 49 year old woman, I knew that a mammogram was very important. Without health insurance it seemed a near impossibility. The service I received from your organization relieved a great deal of anxiety for myself as well as my children. Thank you from all of us.”

Carmen L.
Power of the Pink Mammography Recipient


“I know that having that mammography van at Walmart did save my life. I had breast cancer in both breasts at the same time. It was a fast moving cancer and I could have been dead in 3 months. I know if I hadn’t walked in that day and had that mammogram, I wouldn’t be here.”

Sheila L.
Power of the Pink Mammography Recipient


“Power of Pink events help us catch breast cancer earlier making cures more likely.  Patient's lives are improved by this and it helps get women into the mentality that screening for cancer is important. It helps us take better care of patients and cure more people.

Samir Dalia, MD
Oncology & Hematology - Mercy Clinic Joplin


“The Power of the Pink is huge because it raises awareness and lets women know that they can get these mammograms if they cannot afford it.”

Kelly W.
Breast Cancer Survivor


“The Power of the Pink is a wonderful organization that is bringing everybody together in a local way to make a difference for our customers. Once again, helping them save money, live better, and also making a difference in our community.”

Jim Winkler
Walmart Regional General Manager; Region 43